free 250 GB Storage 1 Month Subscription in Acronis True Image Online:

Acronis: Compute with Confidence

How much are your documents, financial information, music and digital family pictures wworth? What if they were gone forever?

Discover how well Acronis True Image Home 2011 and Windows 7 work together to better protect your PC.

  • Simple, automated, secure online file protection

Protect your digital life and information with Acronis True Image Online . It’s your personal digital safety deposit box, and only you can open it.

  • Your data wherever you are

Once the files are backed up online, you no longer have to carry your laptop everywhere. When you need your files, you can download them remotely from any Internet-connected PC, not just the original one on which they were stored. Click here to recover your data.

  • Integrated for the ultimate in data protection

Acronis True Image Home 2012 and Acronis True Image Online are integrated under a common user interface. You’ll be able to use Acronis True Image Home 2012 for local backup because it provides the fastest file restores and because it can recover the entire PC in minutes, including the operating system. And you can use Acronis True Image Online to give you peace of mind in the event of a theft or home desaster by securing important files in a remote, secure location.

    Acronis True Image Home 2012

  • Data privacy with government-grade encryption

Your information belongs to you and no one else. Acronis uses industry-leading data encryption for your privacy and protection.

  • Multi-PC backup

Many families have multiple PCs and laptops in their household. Acronis True Image Online enables you to protect up to five PCs and laptops in your home with the same account.


  • 250 GB of online backup for just $49.95 /year or $4.95 /month
  • Backup the files on up to 5 PCs or laptops with one account
  • Protect your critical files, music, photos and financial data at a secure, remote location
  • Automatic easy-to-use scheduled file-based backup and recovery
  • Access these files anywhere at any time from any PC or laptop
  • Seamless integration with Acronis® True Image™ Home 2012 for local and online backup in a single application
  • Government-Approved data encryption for your data privacy
  • Simple Set & Forget™ scheduling policy
  • Adjustable settings for CPU and network bandwidth

    Acronis True Image Home 2012

  • Offsite Data Protection for your files, music and pictures – Automatic, scheduled file-based backup and recovery for up to 250 GB of data
  • Web-based access to your data – Access and recover your files anywhere there is an internet-connected computer
  • Seamless Integration with industry-leading Acronis True Image Home 2012 – You can use local backup software and your online backup services as a single application and user interface. Use Acronis True Image Home for complete system recovery and Acronis True Image Online for data protection in the event of theft or disaster
  • Government-approved data encryption – AES-256 encryption ensures your data privacy and protection Incremental backups to reduce time and bandwidth – After the initial backup, Acronis True Image Online only backs up the changes since the last backup saving time and internet bandwidth. The service knows it already has a stored of the unchanged files and does not need to back up those files over the internet again.
  • Adjustable settings for CPU and network bandwidth – Optimize your PC’s performance by setting the amount of CPU and network bandwidth you want to allocate to your Acronis True Image Online service. Use your PC while Acronis True Image Online operates in the background without impacting your system performance.
  • Recover files from multiple points in time – You can access and restore files from any backup completed in the past 45 days. If you have files that change a lot, this gives you multiple versions to access. If a file is corrupted, go back to a point where the file is not corrupted and download that one.
  • Protect multiple PC’s and laptops with one account – Many users and families have multiple PC’s and laptops in their home. Your service can be shared by up to 5 Pc’s and laptops.
  • “Set & Forget” scheduling policy – Once you select the files and folders to be backed up as well as the frequency of backup, Acronis True Image Online does the rest. No further action is required. It’s simple!

System Requirements

Acronis True Image Online is available on the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP SP3 x86
  • Windows XP SP3 x64
  • Windows XP Professional x86 Edition
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
  • Windows Vista SP2 (all editions)
  • Windows 7 (all editions)

What are the minimum system requirements for Acronis True Image Online ?

  • 256 MB RAM
  • Pentium 1Ghz CPU
  • Internet connection
Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010

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