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Online Backup For Disaster Recovery

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        In computing, disaster is always just around the corner. There are so many potential points of failure. Disks can crash at any time. Data can be accidentally erased. Both equipment and data can be stolen or destroyed by fire, storm or flood. So, why are we so convinced that it just isn’t going to happen?

The problem with computer disasters is that you may never get a warning. One minute everything is humming along nicely. The next minute, it’s all gone. That scares most of us just enough that we occasionally copy important files to other computers, alternative hard drives, thumb drives, CD ROMs or DVD ROMs. It’s a lot better than nothing, but the hit and miss nature of these backups means that there are long periods when data is changing but only in one place. 

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Protect your PC, Mac, iPhone and Facebook
The other weakness of our ad-hoc personal backup systems is that they only protect from certain types of losses. A CD ROM backup protects against a hard disk failure. It doesn’t protect from natural disasters that wipe out the entire office, not merely a few computers or one hard drive. Just what would a tornado, hurricane, flood, fire or earthquake do to your facility? Think your backup disks would still be in good condition? Maybe. Maybe not. Can you really take that chance?

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     The traditional solution for robust backups is to send copies of your files to a remote location, such as a separate data center across town. Smaller companies store CD ROM backups in bank vaults away from the company facilities. Today’s solution is online backup. Everybody has a broadband connection and there are companies that specialize in being that secure data center that you can’t afford.

One of the best online backup companies is  SOS Online Backup.
 They’ve been around since 2001 and have won numerous industry awards. 
A really important feature that SOS offers is called Engage Live Protect. It detects whenever a file has been changed and immediately backs up that file. This certainly takes the weak link of remembering what to backup out of the loop. With file backups happening as needed, there is also no long time lag to the next scheduled backup during which something can go wrong. 
Another nice feature of this service is that you can access your files on the Web from any computer with a web browser. You don’t have to use the computer that the file came from, which helps if that machine smokes. You can even share files by using an email address. SOS lets you backup to five computers with one simple account. There are enterprise level services available for larger organizations with many employees.
Have you integrated iPhones or iPads into your organization? SOS iPhone App lets you access all of your files anytime, anywhere from your iOS mobile device.
The big hesitation many people have with online backup systems is security. How can you be sure the bad guys won’t steal your data right out from under you? SOS protects you with a three-tiered encryption system that offers military grade security. The data to be backed up is first encrypted right on your computer using 256 bit AES encryption. While in-transit, 128 bit SSL is employed to secure the link. Finally, the data is stored using 1024 bit AES encryption.

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Are you feeling a bit squeamish about all those files on your computer that could go “poof” at any time? How much would that hurt? Don’t let it happen. Get  SOS Online Backup now and rest easy that your important files are stored away securely in the cloud, ready to retrieve at any time.

Protect your PC, Mac, iPhone and Facebook

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get the best Antivirus to get the full security with BitDefender

BitDefender Internet Security 2011 (english)

BitDefender Virenschutzlösungen BitDefender Total Security 2012 – comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks       and other cyber threats that could lead to identity theft, data loss and decreased performance. BitDefender Total Security is the first among its competitors due to effective protection against spam and viruses, robust firewalling and the availability of tools to optimize and backup systems in one package.

If we consider intuitive interface for novice users and a minimum load on system resources, BitDefender can be considered one of the best products in security at the moment.
Antivirus and fairvol as a standard security tools to protect against most threats, but multifunctional system capable of more. The main purpose of Bitdefender Total Security 2012 – to guarantee the security of personal data to detect system vulnerabilities and maintain control over children.
In Advanced mode interface clearly lists a number of tools available. Certain categories are reserved antivirus, antispam and fairvol. Setting parameters by means of slide buttons and tabs. The antivirus system for detection and neutralization of threats can not be compared, and the configuration fairvol requires no special effort with an intuitive interface.
In addition, the utility is a function of parental control over Internet access and applications, as well as control over personal safety in the global network. Besides the basic functions, the monitor application controls the systems vulnerability, namely, updates Microsoft Windows, availability of essential programs and passwords Windows. If necessary add missing or outdated, the utility will notify the user and wish to download and install them.
In the backup set schedule backup data to local disk or server space 2 GB. File encrypts sensitive information safe and instant messaging. Above all, there are optimization tools like disk defragmenter, a master of clean and restore the registry, and disk cleanup.

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BitDefender Freescanner

BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2012

The main components of BitDefender Total Security 2012:
• Antivirus and antispyware
BitDefender Internet Security 2012   • Firewall
• Protection against phishing
• Encrypt chats
• A quick scan
• Family Network Protection
• Checking the Smart Scan
• Planner Smart Schedule
• Help System Smart Help
• Smart Sense
• Parental Control
• Anti-Spam
• Encryption of files
• Setting up systems
• Online Backup
• Optimizing Performance
• Personal Toolbar
New features BitDefender Total Security 2012:
• Autopilot
Autopilot mode provides optimum security without user intervention. That means – no pop-ups and alerts do not need to configure anything.
• Scan Manager
Scan Manager finds and uses the time intervals when the system utilization is below a certain threshold, perform repetitive inspections for your entire system. Thus, BitDefender does not interfere with user tasks and has no effect on system performance.
• Recovery Mode
If Internet-based threats such as rootkits, can not be removed as part of Windows, your computer downloads in recovery mode a trusted environment that is used for cleaning and restoration.
• Integrated cloud services
The global exchange of data in real time between the servers and BitDefender BitDefender 2012 products ensures rapid identification of emerging internet threats such as epidemics and large flows of spam.
• Synchronize the files
BitDefender Total Security 2012 offers space Safebox, which allows you to synchronize files between your computers (for example, between your desktop and laptop). Changes made in one system are automatically applied to other systems.
• Safety on social networks
Function will be implemented to prevent Internet threats specific to social networks by scanning the references received from friends from Facebook and Twitter, by controlling the privacy settings and much more.
• Customizable interface
Drag-and-drop modules that allow you to access the most frequently performed operations directly from the main window.
• Simplified installation
BitDefender Total Security 2012 is installed in a few clicks, taking up half the time required for the previous version.

BitDefender Internet Security 2011 (english)

free 250 GB Storage 1 Month Subscription in Acronis True Image Online:

Acronis: Compute with Confidence

How much are your documents, financial information, music and digital family pictures wworth? What if they were gone forever?

Discover how well Acronis True Image Home 2011 and Windows 7 work together to better protect your PC.

  • Simple, automated, secure online file protection

Protect your digital life and information with Acronis True Image Online . It’s your personal digital safety deposit box, and only you can open it.

  • Your data wherever you are

Once the files are backed up online, you no longer have to carry your laptop everywhere. When you need your files, you can download them remotely from any Internet-connected PC, not just the original one on which they were stored. Click here to recover your data.

  • Integrated for the ultimate in data protection

Acronis True Image Home 2012 and Acronis True Image Online are integrated under a common user interface. You’ll be able to use Acronis True Image Home 2012 for local backup because it provides the fastest file restores and because it can recover the entire PC in minutes, including the operating system. And you can use Acronis True Image Online to give you peace of mind in the event of a theft or home desaster by securing important files in a remote, secure location.

    Acronis True Image Home 2012

  • Data privacy with government-grade encryption

Your information belongs to you and no one else. Acronis uses industry-leading data encryption for your privacy and protection.

  • Multi-PC backup

Many families have multiple PCs and laptops in their household. Acronis True Image Online enables you to protect up to five PCs and laptops in your home with the same account.


  • 250 GB of online backup for just $49.95 /year or $4.95 /month
  • Backup the files on up to 5 PCs or laptops with one account
  • Protect your critical files, music, photos and financial data at a secure, remote location
  • Automatic easy-to-use scheduled file-based backup and recovery
  • Access these files anywhere at any time from any PC or laptop
  • Seamless integration with Acronis® True Image™ Home 2012 for local and online backup in a single application
  • Government-Approved data encryption for your data privacy
  • Simple Set & Forget™ scheduling policy
  • Adjustable settings for CPU and network bandwidth

    Acronis True Image Home 2012

  • Offsite Data Protection for your files, music and pictures – Automatic, scheduled file-based backup and recovery for up to 250 GB of data
  • Web-based access to your data – Access and recover your files anywhere there is an internet-connected computer
  • Seamless Integration with industry-leading Acronis True Image Home 2012 – You can use local backup software and your online backup services as a single application and user interface. Use Acronis True Image Home for complete system recovery and Acronis True Image Online for data protection in the event of theft or disaster
  • Government-approved data encryption – AES-256 encryption ensures your data privacy and protection Incremental backups to reduce time and bandwidth – After the initial backup, Acronis True Image Online only backs up the changes since the last backup saving time and internet bandwidth. The service knows it already has a stored of the unchanged files and does not need to back up those files over the internet again.
  • Adjustable settings for CPU and network bandwidth – Optimize your PC’s performance by setting the amount of CPU and network bandwidth you want to allocate to your Acronis True Image Online service. Use your PC while Acronis True Image Online operates in the background without impacting your system performance.
  • Recover files from multiple points in time – You can access and restore files from any backup completed in the past 45 days. If you have files that change a lot, this gives you multiple versions to access. If a file is corrupted, go back to a point where the file is not corrupted and download that one.
  • Protect multiple PC’s and laptops with one account – Many users and families have multiple PC’s and laptops in their home. Your service can be shared by up to 5 Pc’s and laptops.
  • “Set & Forget” scheduling policy – Once you select the files and folders to be backed up as well as the frequency of backup, Acronis True Image Online does the rest. No further action is required. It’s simple!

System Requirements

Acronis True Image Online is available on the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP SP3 x86
  • Windows XP SP3 x64
  • Windows XP Professional x86 Edition
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
  • Windows Vista SP2 (all editions)
  • Windows 7 (all editions)

What are the minimum system requirements for Acronis True Image Online ?

  • 256 MB RAM
  • Pentium 1Ghz CPU
  • Internet connection
Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010

منظمة anonymous تخترق FBI و وزارة الداخلية كتهديد

صاحب موقع megaupload كلف محامي بيل كلينتون بالدفاع عنه من الإتهامات بدعم القرصنة و تبييض الأموال

في حالة ما خرج بريء من كل الإتهامات موقعه راح يرجع للعمل عادي لكن أكثر صرامة من قبل

من ناحية أخرى منظمة anonymous قامت بإختراق FBI و Universal music و عدة وزارة أمريكية و كشفت عن مدير FBI و أسماء عائلته و إيميلتهم بالكامل و عنوان منزله كتهديد مبدئي في فيسبوك و تويتر

لمن لا يعرف هذه المنظمة فهي منظمة هاكر من 5635 شخص ..أصل من المكسيك لكن فيها من كل الدول تحكم عالم الانترنت و كل الدول

Satellite Technology: Providing Convenience in the Modern World

Satellites are mainly used in communications. They revolve around the earth, receiving and relaying signals from different location points. Without them, the world might not be enjoying ease in communicating.
The first satellite was used for astronomical purposes. Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, has been launched to collect and send important data through radio signals about the situation of the earth’s atmosphere, the ionosphere, and the earth’s orbital changes. Presently, astronomical satellites are used to capture images outside the earth’s surface using different sensors like x-rays, gamma rays, infrared, and ultraviolet. In fact, the most popular and the most powerful telescope today, the Hubble Space telescope, is actually a satellite.
Satellites are also used in identifying weather conditions in different parts of the earth. They collect and send information about cloud formations and cloud movements. Weather satellites have been used for several decades. Without them, people might still be relying on primitive methods in identifying weather conditions. These satellites are also used in capturing information on ocean currents, storms, fires, and volcanic activities.
Military communication and intelligence gathering depend on satellites. With satellite technology, global connectivity is achieved even though military men are located in remote areas. Military satellites are also used as observation satellites deployed to spy and capture images of different locations around the globe.
Without high-technology satellites, there might be no navigation systems that will be used today. Global positioning systems (GPS) that are being used by the military and the civilians alike are dependent on the information sent by the satellites. The GPS is initially intended to be used for military purposes, but it was eventually introduced to consumers for different applications. These satellites have circuit boards with high aspect ratio holes to send accurate images and data to GPS users.
Television systems also depend on the power of satellites. Geostationary satellites are made with high frequency materials so that they can send videos and images to television users in numerous locations. The invention of these satellites made it possible for the television industry to achieve significant growth. They seem stationary, but they actually rotate with the earth. They are seemingly stationary so that they can send data to fixed antennas more efficiently.
The telecommunications industry also takes benefit from satellite technology. With their complex mechanics, advanced ipc-6012 class 3 circuit boards and modern electronic systems, people can now communicate despite wide distances any time of the day.
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Google Analytics Tutorials – Site Usage Statistics

A Web-based analytics tool is an easy and comprehensive way to measure return on advertising investment and track site traffic. One of the most widely used analytics programs is the free Google Analytics. This powerful resource is flexible and easy for even a novice to use. Google Analytics tutorials walk new users through every step including the all-important site usage statistics. With just a few clicks of their mouse, site owners can view bounce rates, visits, unique page views, and average time on the site.
The primary interface provides visitor overview statics for the previous month. The numbers of new and returning visitors are displayed in a pie chart format. Users can also view the total number of visits, unique visitors, and page views received. Average time on the site, number of pages viewed per visit, and bounce rate are also displayed. Demographics as specific as country, system, and mobile device details including service provider, operating system, and screen resolution are included.
Having access to these statistics may sound great, but what exactly do they measure? In addition, how does the site owner know when these indicate positive or negative trends? This is where knowledge of the definitions comes in handy. Based on a quick review of the statistics, knowledgeable site owners can determine if further action is needed to address a negative situation or build upon a positive trend.
As one would assume, the visits statistic reveals the total number of visits to the site. The unique visitor figure provides further detail, showing the total number of unique visitors to the site, exclusive of those who made a return trip during the period being measured. The new visitor statistic is the percent of total visitors who checked out the site for the first time. Each of these individuals has unique demographics like language, city, country, browser, operating system, and service provider.
If visits and numbers of new and unique visitors are increasing, these are good signs. Demographics help site owners determine whether they should add information targeted to certain geographic areas, incorporate a translation tool, or optimize the site for different operating systems and mobile device screen resolutions. The goal is to make the site convenient for every visitor to read and use. Small site tweaks can make a huge difference in these statistics.
Average time on site reflects the average time each visitor spends on the site. The pages per visit statistic reflects the average number of pages viewed per visit and the bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits. Site owners want people to spend a lot of time on their pages and want the bounce rate to be low. To improve these statistics, they can make the site easier to navigate and include content that entices visitors to keep reading.
Site owners can customize their visitor overview reporting to cover any period. They can also compare a current period to a past period of their choosing. This allows them to view changes from one year to the next. After customizing report parameters, they can add this template to their dashboard for an ongoing snapshot of site usage statistics.
Google Analytics Tutorials is devoted to helping even the most inexperienced website owner understand how their traffic gets to their site and how to understand and use all of the information provided. If you would like to learn more about Google Analytics tutorials, visit today!

Why You Need Mobile Protection

By now, you are probably used to protecting your computer from a wide variety of threats, but what about your phone? Most people rely on their mobile phones to communicate, socialize, work, store pictures and contacts. Mobile phones are also a portal for doing a range of online tasks like banking and shopping. However, most people don’t protect their mobiles from the threat of malware.
This lack of action could be a mistake. Mobile threats – both offline and online – are prevalent and growing. With these threats growing it is important to consider a mobile security application for your mobile device.
Consider that people are 15 times more likely to lose their mobile phones than their laptops. In the U.S. alone, it’s been estimated that 113 phones are lost every second, and 12,000 smartphones are found in airports each week. Additionally, losing your phone doesn’t just mean losing the personal and confidential information stored on it, but also your ability to communicate.
What’s more, losing your mobile phone could lead to identity theft if you have personally identifiable information stored on it, such as your date of birth or driver’s license number, or if you have your phone’s browser set to automatically log you in to banking and shopping sites.
Given that researchers found that almost a quarter of consumers store their computer or banking passwords on their mobile devices, and around 11% store personally identifiable information, and even credit card numbers, these risks are very real.
Beyond the risk of loss, mobile users should also be concerned with the growing amount of malware aimed at mobile devices, which is increasing exponentially. Mobile malware threats can be very similar to those directed at your computer. You could accidentally install a dangerous application that includes malicious code or spyware, or you could connect to an unsecure wireless network, allowing a cybercriminal to potentially access your information. You could also fall victim to a phishing attack that tricks you into handing over your personal information or financial details.
Given these risks, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself. Antivirus software aimed specifically for mobiles is now available from leading digital security experts. These mobile security packages can backup and restore the information that’s stored on your mobile as well as wipe all data if the phone is lost or stolen. This software will also block dangerous websites and prohibit you from clicking on harmful links.
Fiona Roy writes for a digital marketing agency. This article about mobile protection and Antivirus software has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

بيل جيتس يحزن لوفاة عبقرية الكمبيوتر الباكستانية عفراء كريم

بيل جيتس يحزن لوفاة عبقرية الكمبيوتر الباكستانية عفراء كريم

تدفقت التعازي من مختلف أنحاء العالم بعد الإعلان السبت الماضي، عن وفاة عبقرية الكمبيوتر الصغيرة عفراء كريم رنضاوة من فيصل أباد في باكستان، عن عمر يناهز الـ16 عاماً، بعد تعرضها لنوبة صرع وسكتة قلبية.
وأعرب مؤسس شركة مايكروسوفت بيل غيتس، الذي عرض في وقت سابق التكفل بعلاج عفراء على نفقته الخاصة، عن أسفه وحزنه لخسارة مثل هذه الموهبة النادرة.
وأظهرت عفراء كريم الملقبة بمعجزة الكمبيوتر مهاراتها وعبقريتها في مجال تقنية المعلومات منذ صغرها حين اشترى لها والدها جهاز الكمبيوتر لاستخدامه في ارسال البريد الإلكتروني.
وحصلت على “شهادة المحترف المعتمد” من شركة مايكروسوفت عام 2005، ولم تتجاوز حينها سن التاسعة لتصبح بذلك أصغر شخص يحصل على هذه الشهادة.
وتمنح “شهادة المحترف المعتمد”  (MCP)  من مايكروسوفت للأشخاص الذين يمتلكون الكفاءة العالية في أحد منتجات مايكروسوفت.
وبعد حصولها على الشهادة تلقت عفراء دعوة من بيل غيتس لزيارة مقر شركة مايكروسوفت في واشنطن. وتعرفت العبقرية الصغيرة خلال جولتها في الشركة على المسؤولين والتنفيذيين واجتمعت مع بعضهم فضلا عن اجتماعها مع بيل غيتس شخصياً.
وفي بداية شهر يناير الجاري، زار بيل غيتس عائلة عفراء وعرض التكفل بدفع مصاريف الرعاية الطبية لها وفقاً لما ذكره موقع (Geo.TV) الباكستاني في تقرير خاص. كما طرح غيتس فكرة نقل عفراء للعلاج في الولايات المتحدة، ولكن الأطباء فضلوا عدم سفرها كونها تتنفس بمساعدة جهاز التنفس الاصطناعي.
وأظهرت عفراء خلال مقابلة لها مع موقع “بي سياتل” الإخباري في الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، انها لم تكن كأي طفل عادي، وذلك من خلال إبدائها لوجهات نظر “ناضجة”، ونقل الموقع عنها قولها “إذا كنت تريد أن تفعل شيئا كبيرا في حياتك، فاعلم أن التردد هو عدو العقل، تمتع بالثقة ولا تدع التردد يقهر عقلك”.
وذكر موقع “هافينجتون بوست” أن عفرة كانت تحضر في أيامها الأخيرة لمشروع خاص بوكالة الفضاء الأميركية “ناسا”.

Management d’un projet système d’information 6éme-Edition

اسم الكتاب

Management d’un projet système d’information 6éme-Edition

 معلومات عن الكتاب:

الحجم :        9.25MB فقط

اللغة:         Français

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